Tacoma Sportsmen's Club - Puyallup, Washington - Skeet Trap Sporting Clays
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Tacoma Sportsmen's Club


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16409 Canyon Road
E. Puyallup, WA 98373
(253) 537-6151

Club Hours

9-5 winter hours for rifle & pistol ranges, summer hours run later. Archery walk thru and general targets. Trap and Skeet winter hours Sunday 10-3, Tuesday night 6-9 with chippers/Annie Oakley, Wednesday 10-2 general public can shoot for $5 per round.


Skeet Trap 5 Stand Sporting FITASC Other Birds
Yes  Yes  No  Yes  No  No  No 
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From I-5, take HWY 512 East to Puyallup. Exit on Canyon Rd and turn Right onto Canyon Rd. Follow past 160th. The club is just past the Pacific Pride fueling station on the Left.

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Club Reviews Submitted by Visitors, Members or Staff
Norman B
Tacoma WA
2-5 Visits
Reviewed 08/01/2011
Just completed a basic trap shooting class, I found the class training on safety & instruction very useful. The way they assign each participant a coach is helpful in that the coach is very helpful and can watch how you progress along and make good suggestions along the way. My coach's name is Brad, he was friendly, courteous and helped improve my ability to shoot trap significantly. I look forward to fall's instruction for skeet shooting. A good place to ask any of the members questions about shotgun shooting. They have a nice rifle range too!
David Tevis
Tacoma, WA
More than 10 visits
Reviewed 07/01/2009
After the events of today I never go to this range again. I have been going there for 6+ months at least every other week to every week. The "little boy" (doesn't deserve the title "man") named Norm Elmquist (or hurst pretty sure it was quist though) was overbearing, rude and for some reason thought that he was a god like figure. The only way he could exert his authority was to pick on a 72 year old disabled man.
The first time I went to this range I personally had a problem with him. Now I was standing 2 feet away from the 72 year old when "Norm" decided to go off on him. There were 3 separate instances in which "Norm" attempted to exert his authority over this man. I am ashamed to have recommended this range to other people in the past.
On another note it is quite surprising the control this 72 year old, disabled, veteran displayed even when "Norm" ripped the sticker from the man's shirt pocket.
Tom Helman
Puyallup, Wa.
6-10 Visits
Reviewed 08/07/2008
I recently joined this club after a few visits with a friend. I decided to join because of the friendly atmosphere, great setting, and feeling of camaraderie. Having a wife, 2 daughter and a son I appreciated the absence of the "heeman woman haters club" mentality I experienced at other locations. My girls are just as welcomed as my son and I. I plan on being a member of this club for a long time.
Lyle Thomasson

More than 10 visits
Reviewed 07/31/2008
Very little supervision of the trap pullers. They slap and hit each other while in the ticket counter and box and slap at each other in the area where people are waiting to sign up for squads.
Birds not set so they come out properly, and when you ask for them to be set right you get NO response except they will tell you " We are working on it". This has been going on for the last three weeks on Sunday.
I and five other shooters walked out after only shooting two rounds because we had to wait over one and one half hours between squads. They let two people who came in late shoot 3 rounds back to back out of turn without having to sign up like the rest of us had to.
Chris C.
Tacoma, WA
Reviewed 06/23/2007
Tacoma Sportmen's Club has both Skeet and Trap. Not a lot of supervision by the range master, but the members are always around to help you out if you have questions. This was my first time shooting skeet, and it was a great experience as I had 3 professionals walking me through the course. Very pleased with this range, and will call it home for many years to come.
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