Green Head Hunting Club - Pine Valley, California - Skeet Trap 5 Stand Sporting Clays
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Green Head Hunting Club


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Pine Valley, CA 91962
(619) 473-8668

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Skeet Trap 5 Stand Sporting FITASC Other Birds
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Club Reviews Submitted by Visitors, Members or Staff
Jim Jacobs
San Diego, Ca.
2-5 Visits
Reviewed 02/23/2010
Today was trying at times, as the rain was intermittent and the wind chilly. I haven't had as much fun in a while. I put in some time at the Miramar Gun Club, so I know what is entailed in putting on a successful good time to be had by all. Kudos to everyone who showed up and especially those who shot worse than me, there were not many. I look forward to the shoots in the future, and will do what I can to pitch in. Thanks a lot, you made the shoot an enjoyable time. Yours in service, Jim Jacobs.
Jim Post
San Clemente, CA
2-5 Visits
Reviewed 06/05/2008
The Greenhead Duck Club, in conjunction with the Pendleton Sportsmans Club, has taken "Support our troops" to a high level. Each year the Greenhead Club hosts The Walking Wounded and other marines from the Camp Pendleton Marine Base for a day at the club. The visitors essentially only have to show up, as the club provides the use of guns, free ammunition, and a great barbecue. Shooting venues include trap, skeet, five stand, long rifle, and pistol. It is a day the troops will always remember.
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