NAS Oceana Skeet and Trap Range - Virginia Beach, Virginia - Skeet Trap 5 Stand
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NAS Oceana Skeet and Trap Range


Club Type



John Daubenschmidt


100 Mitcher Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Club Hours

Monday, Wednesday through Sunday: 8am to 6pm
Tuesday: CLOSED for maintenance/mowing


Skeet Trap 5 Stand Sporting FITASC Other Birds
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- From the Northwest, take I-64 through the Hampton Tunnel, continue to I-264 East (Exit 284, to Virginia Beach) (skip to = below).

- From the Southwest, and various locations in Suffolk, take either I-664 or I-264 which connect to I-264 East (to Virginia Beach).

= Take the LONDON BRIDGE exit (Exit 19C) and turn RIGHT at bottom of ramp, you are heading South. Take NEXT LEFT onto Potters Road, continue approx. 1 mile. Sign for Club is on RIGHT. Follow sign to Log Cabin, check in with Range Manager.

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Club Reviews Submitted by Visitors, Members or Staff
Kevin moravek
Virginia beach virginia
More than 10 visits
Reviewed 08/04/2014
Great place to bring the family for an afternoon. Nice clubhouse and good staff. Also has archery range so there is something for everybody. Prices are very fair. Can get very busy so be patient if you come on a weekend dirtying the sum er months.
Atlanta, GA
2-5 Visits
Reviewed 12/22/2013
My boys and I take my dad there whenever we visit. Nice facility and my boys (ages 10 and 12) love shooting and watching the F-18's at the same time.
John, the Range Dude
Virginia Beach

Reviewed 11/05/2013
Our Winter hours - Monday through Sunday 0800 to 6pm (no shooting on Tuesday - we are busy mowing and fixing).
Dan Wilbert
Yorktown VA
2-5 Visits
Reviewed 04/19/2012
Back for another visit on 4/6. Visits continue to get even better! So good, son and I are now set up with membership. Retired Navy DC behind the counter is good with the "Coastie" zingers too!
Great place!!!!
Dan Wilbert
Yorktown VA
Reviewed 03/28/2012
Its been years since I'd shot at NAS (back when they used the green building). Today I spent the afternoon shooting with my son and a group of other guys. GREAT time! Young lady at the counter was very nice. Houses are well stocked and range is well run/maintained. Would be nice to see more skeet ranges added. Well worth the drive down.
Ricky Nazario
VA Beach
More than 10 visits
Reviewed 02/13/2012
Thanks to John now we got International/Olympic Skeet.Finaly i got a place close to me to practice International Skeet. If you want to shoot International Skeet call John at the range for more info.
Tom Erickson
Beresford, SD
Reviewed 09/29/2011
Very enjoyable experience, (except for my scores). Well appointed and maintained facility, with the option of shooting skeet, trap or 5-Stand. The manager was very friendly and club members treated me as though I was a good friend. Over all a five star experience.
Lonnie Taylor
Morgantown WV
Reviewed 08/26/2011
While on vacation at my time share in Virgina, I went to the range to shoot SKEET and the FIVE stand. First class, John behind the counter set me up with a couple of his friends. These three gentleman were a lot of fun to shoot with, i shot two rounds of skeet with them. then i shot two rounds on the five, Mike trapped for me, I had a lot of fun with him. The range was the cleanest range i think i ever been on. Next year while i am at the beach on vacation i will visit the range for a few rounds of shooting. Thanks for a great time look forward to next year.
Steve Fox
Virginia Beach, VA
More than 10 visits
Reviewed 01/10/2011
The U.S. Navy and the command staff of the Oceana Naval Air Station should be very proud of the excellent facility and outstanding staff at the skeet range. As a member, I shoot skeet weekly and have great respect for the wonderful staff at the range (John, Chip, and Mike). They are consistently professional, friendly, and safety-conscious.
joe whitley
creswell nc
More than 10 visits
Reviewed 12/10/2010
What a great place to shoot, and what a great bunch of people. Everyone I've meet or shot with at the club are ready and willing to help you shoot better, they make you feel welcome. They really are ambassadors for NAS Oceana and the U S Navy. Thanks, Chip, John, and everyone at Oceana Skeet Range.
Dick McRee
Richmond, VA
Reviewed 10/25/2010
I visited on 10/23/13, after driving 1.75 hours from Richmond,VA, about 215 miles round trip.

I found everyone I met to be very friendly and helpful, especially the range manager Chip Rowland. The facilities inside and the ranges were clean and things were in order.

The range I shot on, skeet 1 had excellent views of the targets. From what I could see, all skeet fields provided excellent views of the targets. There were no trap "mishaps" or broken targets out of the trap. Someone must be maintaining them on a regular basis.

There was little wind today, and I had been told to expect lots of wind at Oceana, and was looking forward to it. Sadly the military jets were not flying, as I was hoping to take some pictures of some.

Since I didn't break all of the targets I shot at, I'll be planning another trip to Oceana soon.

If you have not visited this range, you should plan on it.
bob kuczynski
va beach, va.
More than 10 visits
Reviewed 08/01/2010
NAS Oceana now offers international skeet to its shooters. Come and try it and pass the word!
T Steve Sullivan
Virginia Beach
2-5 Visits
Reviewed 12/06/2009
What a facility! When I first arrived I met with Chip and had a tremendously warm welcome. Next the instructor (John) and I met for my first lesson. What a GREAT time and a very thorough introduction to the skeet game. I was so pleased with the lesson that I went back the same day to shoot another round and joined the membership. Next off to the skeet range and one of the staff (Mike) operated the skeet ejection along with a great job helping with getting straighter shoots at the targets. I would encourage anyone to give this GREAT sport a try and do it at Oceana!
Scott Hill
Chesapeake, Virginia
More than 10 visits
Reviewed 09/04/2009
Some of my earliest memories as a child were coming to Oceanna Skeet and Trap. My dad allowed me to start shooting when I turned 13 and we visited this range often over the years. He is in his 80's now and we still shoot though not as often.
The range is very well kept and the staff are extremely friendly. They are very helpful and go out of their way to make sure you have a positive shooting experience. Don't own a gun. No worries they have guns for rent and quick shooting tips for free. Just day before yesterday I took my daughter there for her first time. She was not interested in shooting but did a fine job pulling for me.
If you are ever in Va. Beach you should make it a point to shoot a few rounds at Oceanna and catch the air show.
scott payne
va, beach va
More than 10 visits
Reviewed 09/02/2009
The range and staff are top shelf. They have taken time to help me in all aspects of my shooting. I live nearby and try to go as often as possible. great people.
Mike Cerce / Breaking Point Shooting Instruction
Yaphank, New York
Reviewed 08/21/2009
I visited the club in July and was greeted with nothing but hospitality from the staff down to the shooters. The Navy Seals were practicing for a skeet competition the next day, and I was honored that they let me shoot with them. They and the rest of the men and women serving in the military truly are heroes and are the reason people are able to enjoy their freedoms in this country and shoot at such a great facility. The club throws excellent targets with a great background. When you aren't shooting, enjoy the unbelievable sights of watching fighter jets take off and land. I will definitely return. Thanks to all at the club.
Tommy Griffiths/Tommy and Rumble FM99
Virginia Beach, Virginia
2-5 Visits
Reviewed 06/06/2009
I'm Tommy Griffiths, Co-host of the Tommy and Rumble Radio Show on WNOR in Virginia. What I've said on the air, I'll articulate on this web site. I'm fortunate to live close to the Oceana Skeet and Trap facility at NAS Oceana. I'm just a casual participant of the sport, yet John and the staff are always helpful, attentive and careful to make sure I'm comfortable, and most importantly, SAFE. Any Skeet and Trap enthusiast who lives in the Virginia Beach area, or visits this wonderful vacation destination should include a visit to NAS Oceana Skeet and Trap Range. Do yourself a favor, check 'em out!
Sincerely, Tommy Griffiths/Tommy and Rumble/FM99 WNOR
bob kuczynski
va beach, va
More than 10 visits
Reviewed 05/20/2009
I am a former employee of this range from the early 90ís and have shot on and off here for over 20 years. This is the home field of the Navy Skeet Team. Itís where I got my professional start as a skeet shooter when I was scouted and made the Navy team. I am now retired from the Navy and I have wonderful memories of this club. I've taught so many new shooters at this club, it makes my head spin.

The clubs been around since the 60ís and has undergone so many changes, good and bad, all based on the attitude of the commanding officer of the base. Most recently, a long-standing document waving shot fall distances to the taxiway was ignored and rewritten which caused the closure of the range. Of course it was all done in the name of homeland security. A fence was constructed and cut through 3 fields, crippling any chance for the establishment to make a profit. For a long period, the range was closed. A compromise was reached and the current CO reopened the range. The result is, Oceana is throwing targets once again. Memberships are encouraged for local shooters, who get head of the line privileges and are able to reserve the fields in advance with Ďtee times.í Visitors should be prepared to be bumped if itís crowded.

Itís a bit pricey for visiting non-members. Not only do you pay a 10.00 daily range fee up front just be there, but you pay 5.50 per game on top of it. If you plan to just try it once, it will cost you 15.50. With this, the crowd is kept in check and new shooters planning to shoot a box or two are discouraged, in favor for those planning to shoot cases. Though the 10.00 fee is waived for military retirees, the new costs and a sense of being over regulated tend to take some of the fun out of the visit. There are no more retail sales of components and BATF firearm transfers are no longer done under a club ffl. A beautiful new clubhouse was built. Attached directly to the clubhouse deck is a 5-stand range. A new field was built to compensate for the lost ranges fenced off and a wobble trap field is available as well.

Oceana now has only 1 traditional skeet and 2 combo skeet/trap fields, instead of the 6 combos it had. Many new plans are in the wind to make Oceana even better. Do you like jets? Do you like noise? While you shoot, you will get a free airshow since most jets make their approach right over the shooting fields. Shot restriction is 7 Ĺ. All fields are lighted. There is no shade. Bring sunscreen. What a great place to shoot. Come and enjoy.

Though the gate is sometimes unmanned, be prepared to show I.D.. You are entering a military base to shoot.
Bryce Roberts
Hampton, VA
Reviewed 02/16/2009
Outstanding range. Very nice employees and an all around great day. Very cheap for military, can't beat it!
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