Skyway Trap & Skeet Club - St. Petersburg, Florida - Skeet Trap
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Skyway Trap & Skeet Club


Club Type



Bob & Eddie Warren


3200 74th Avenue N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33702
(727) 526-8993

Club Hours

Wednesday - Friday 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 10:00am - 6:00pm


Skeet Trap 5 Stand Sporting FITASC Other Birds
Yes  Yes  No  No  No  Yes  No 
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Club Reviews Submitted by Visitors, Members or Staff
Wendell L C
Tampa, FL
2-5 Visits
Reviewed 08/26/2013
I was surprised that I hit the target a couple of times. Not since hunting with my dad and friends in my youth had I picked up a shotgun. It was actually a lot of fun shooting out at the club. I was loaned a clean and beautiful shotgun. The staff there are the nicest people that you will ever find. I will recommend this club to all. I believe this club also rents out RV camp lots.
ed harrison
haines city florida
Reviewed 09/09/2012
Went there with a friend ONCE. Nice looking place, but its steel shot only! I WILL NOT put that crap down my barrel. I have a duck gun that is for steel shot and the barrel looks like its rifled. Not in my trap guns.
Clearwater, FL
Reviewed 12/22/2011
Great experience, first time shooting skeet, range officer and other members were very encouraging really coaching myself and my father-in-law along. Will definitely return.
Joe Mariani
Seminole, FL
Reviewed 08/13/2010
The guy at the range could see my interest and also my inexperience
without even asking. They gave me pointers and made me feel welcome.
I plan on returning very often. Thank You
john kane
Torryburn Scotland
2-5 Visits
Reviewed 01/31/2010
I visited Skyway during my stay in st pete's and found the guys there very friendly and very helpful. I am a wheelchair user and shoot DTL from a sitting position, and Dave was a great help. As an overseas visitor it's not easy to bring your own gun, but the club will lend one free of charge and cost per round is reasonable. I am looking forward to this years visit come September.
Lukas G
Tampa, FL
2-5 Visits
Reviewed 06/15/2009
Been to Skyway a couple times now and I just love the facility. The staff is great and extremely helpful. I'll definitely be a member soon and looking forward to shooting more at Skyway. Like a reviewer mentioned above, this range is STEEL SHOT ONLY!
bill leo
bellevue wa
Reviewed 04/27/2009
I shot skeet there and got a great deal of info about using steel shot
from Jamie , who also loaded 410, thanks. I will definitely return when I'm in town very nice facility and nice people.
Corey Smolik
St Petersburg, FL
Reviewed 04/20/2009
A great bunch of guys, both instructors and shooters.

I recently purchased a Remington 870 tactical shotgun (18in barrel) with home defense as the primary purpose. Everyone (and I mean everyone) told me that I'd have to be lucky to hit trap with it due to the range. Dave (instructor) rapidly showed me some aiming basics, how to hold the weapon, and some techniques to try out. In short time I was keeping up with the other shooters. This was supplemented by tips from experienced shooters in between rounds and much support (thumbs up and cheers) when hits were made.

The facilities are a bit older (as if that matters), but everything important is well maintained and the prices are quite reasonable. My wife and I definitely intend on attending this club regularly to increase (and maintain) our shooting skills.
George Underhill
Tampa Florida
2-5 Visits
Reviewed 03/12/2009
This has to be one of the most friendly, helpful and informative rangers in the Tampa area. I have taken guests from other states there and they have been equally impressed. This is really a location to continue to go to.
Jim McDevitt
St Petersburg, Florida
Reviewed 01/19/2008
Went for the first time today with my 14 year old son. I found the staff very informative and helpful. I have never shot trap before but they showed me how the gun works and gave me tips for shooting as I went through my 25 shells. I will definitely return!
George Comunale
More than 10 visits
Reviewed 01/03/2008
Great Facility. I go there with my son and he loves it. The staff is professional and helpful, but most importantly for me, what a great bunch of people.
We have been members for 6 months now and I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a good shoot with good people.
David Dion
Cape Coral, FL
2-5 Visits
Reviewed 02/19/2007
We have been coming once a month now and really enjoy it. The staff was helpful in teaching us the basics. The loaner guns are real nice and the price is affordable. I would recommend this facility to anyone. We've never tried the skeet shoot yet, trap is challenging enough for right now.
Joel B. Cohen
Sun City Center
More than 10 visits
Reviewed 11/18/2006
I have been a life member since 1975. Health and location restraints have caused me to stay away for the last decade. I am planning to go again on 7/25/06 and will try and post an update as to conditions. This was once the finest trap and skeet range in a 150 mile radius.
James Mazzo
Clearwater, Fl
More than 10 visits
Reviewed 10/01/2006
I been a member for almost two years now. My son and I enjoy the club very much. The facilities are old but kept up. The managers of the club have great personalities and are more than happy to help members and visitors. The steel shot issue may become moot if and when the government gets things settled. The third Wednesday every month is Pot Luck dinner night and they have an Annie Oakley event at the back line of the trap house. Good food and great competition.
Don Kaufman
Concord, NC
More than 10 visits
Reviewed on or prior to 11/20/2005
Very nice facility in St. Pete. Well manicured, nice club house, facilities for campers. Well maintained fields HOWEVER!!!! ONLY STEEL SHOT CAN BE FIRED!!!. Ammo and guns are available at the club. I was a member previously, before the steel shot issue and the club WAS great. Still nice people. Never see anyone out there shooting.
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