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Locate your club on and right-click on it. A menu will come up. Click on “What’s here?” and the Lat/Lon will be displayed in a small box. Copy and paste those values into the appropriate fields.

Addresses are notoriously inaccurate. Without Latitude and Longitude, your club cannot be plotted on a map.

Please enter Decimal Degrees. It should look like this: 55.27374. It should NOT look like this: 40° 26′ 46″ N or 40° 26.767′ N.

Please enter Decimal Degrees. It should look like this: -115.27374. It should NOT look like this: 58.933′ W or 79.982° W. If the club is located in North America, it will begin with a minus ( - ) sign which indicates WEST.

Club Contact Information

If the club is members only, or members and their guests, please choose Member/Guests Only. If the club is open to the public, choose Public. If it is a Member club with some days and hours accessible by the public, choose Public/Member

This is for the contact person for the club if ClayTargetsonline has to contact someone at the club. This might be the President of a member operated club or the manager of a club.

This is the mailing address. Not necessarily the address of the club.

Mailing address city.

Mailing address state/province.

Mailing address zip.

Administrative contact phone. This may or may not be the club facility phone number.

The name of the person to contact via the email listed below.

The email address for the contact person.

Facility Information

Who should visitors contact with questions about the club?

This is the physical address of the shooting facility.

This is the city where the club is actually located, not a mailing address or post office.

State/province where the club facility is.

Zip code for the physical location of the club.

Phone number at the facility if it is available.

These are the club hours that are open to the public. If member have extended hours please note that those hours are for members only. If the public is not allowed to shoot without a member, it might be good to say "Members and Guests Only".


Written driving directions are often helpful, especially for hard to find clubs or clubs that are not well located on the google map shown.

Club Activities

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