Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of using the website? Does it cost anything for my club to be listed?

There is no cost to use the site or to list your club on the site.

Why is the information on this one club out of date? We changed our hours six months ago.

The site is maintained from ClayTargetsOnline world headquarters in Charlotte, NC. If nobody submits a correction for a club in Arkansas, then we don’t know when changes are made. We appreciate knowing when things change, and especially when clubs are closed so we can remove them from the website.

I left a review for a club. Why isn’t it posted?

All reviews are checked by a human before posting. Sometimes this takes a while as the site is not maintained daily. If the review was critical of the club, it might not have had a real first and last name and a valid email address for followup. If the review wasn’t really about the club, it won’t be posted. Reviews that are just club announcements are not posted. Since reviews stay up forever it’s not practical to post information on date specific events.

When does my club membership expire?

This site is a directory of shooting clubs all across the United States. There are more than 2000 active clubs listed on the site.  Please attempt to contact the club via telephone or other method. Often a Google search for the club name will turn up this site, but the club’s site will also be listed. If they have a site, see if they have contact information there.

Why did you change the website? There was nothing wrong with the old one!

Security and mobilization.

The site was vulnerable. Because the site was hand coded in php/mysql. It was not secure and is subject to all sorts of vulnerabilities.

Mobile devices like iPhones, Android phones, tablets and iPads are becoming the mainstream.

The change to  Wordpress will allow us to solve the mobile responsiveness problem and the security issues

I hope you will support the new version of the website.

Why is llc listed when I choose to donate? llc is just the payment center being utilized for online payment by Claytargetsonline. All donations go to

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