Hudson Falls Fish & Game

Skeet: yes | Trap: no | 5 Stand: yes | Sporting: no | FITASC: no | Other: yes | Birds: no
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From Hudson Falls take Route 196 (Maple Street) north east out of town. Club is on the south side of the road 1-1/2 miles east of the intersection of Route 196 and Route 32.

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Club Type: Public/Member
Location: 1420 Route 196  Hudson Falls, NY 12839
Phone: (518) 747-4850
Club Hours:
Sunday 9AM til done Mon. 10:00am till done Thur. 10:00am til done We allow the public to shoot skeet and fivestand as guests of members.


4 Reviews

  1. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    I visited this club a few times while visiting my folks up in Granville and my company, Magic Hat Brewing, in Vermont. I used the rifle range to site in a .223 as well as the skeet and 5 stand sporting clays course. Seems to be a great bunch of folks. We all shot the last round of 5 stand from the top of the tower which was a challenge and a lot of fun. In addition the 5 stand course here is challenging yet realistic without the ridiculous distances some other 5 stand courses have.

  2. Relationship to facility: Member
    Number of visits: Once

    I would like to clarify some of the misconceptions posted by M McGowan in his club review. I have been the club secretary for many years. When Mr McGowan was a member, 12 years ago, the club had 200 or fewer members. since then it has grown considerably to about 470 members. This has put a strain on several limited facilities, skeet and 5 stand are not among these.

    To make all facilities available to members we capped our membership. We employ an application (only contact information) and an application process that coincides with membership renewals in January of every year. The application is reviewed for completeness but there is no review process that approves or disapproves an applicant. Applications are accepted on a first come first serve basis (few exceptions like sons of members transitioning from family membership). I suppose if an undesirable applicant was brought to our attention we would consider disallowing the application; but, to date, we have never disallowed an application. We do not do background checks or require a recommendation (as many clubs in our area now do).

    We do hold a 1 to 1 1/2 hour orientation for new members and have them certify that they have read the club rules. The orientation and rules are centered around safety and around how the club is shared among the many activity groups. We are strict on safety to the benefit of all of our members.

    I feel that Mr. McGowan’s assessment of the club facilities is accurate and has improve over the years.

    Please visit us. the best time is during Skeet hours on Sunday morning. If you are interested, submit an application. Unfortunately our application rate considerably exceeds out dropout rate and it may take a year before we can offer you a membership. Eventually we hope to lift our member cap as we continue to improve our facilities.

  3. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: Once

    Nice group of guys and girls. I was vacationing in Lake George, NY and looking for a place to shoot. I called the club house and I was encourged to come shoot with them. Very easy club to find. Very nice club house and grounds. They have American skeet, wobble skeet and a great 5 stand lay out. They told me that they will be adding a sporting clays walk in the near future. Hours above are not correct now. Clay shooting is Sundays at 9:00am 5-stand at 10:00am. Mondays and Thursdays clays from 1:00pm till dark. They are only 20 to 25 minutes from one of New Yorks favorite vacation spots.

  4. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: More than 10

    In 1990 I approached the late William Bump, then president of the HF F&G C and inquired about membership. I was invited to his home to sign a membership card, pay the $20(+/-) fee and was given a key after some very pleasant conversation with Mr. Bump. I was given privileges to the main gate and the indoor range, which I used after my shift at a nearby state correctional facilty primarily late at night. I found the range and grounds well maintained, clean and accomodating, though a little lacking for outdoor bench shooting at that time. I usually prepared the range by picking up others’ leftovers and always followed up by either sweeping indoors or walking the grounds outdoors and on occassion purchased replacement backstop and target holding materials to help maintain the club’s appearances and functionality. The property that the club sits on is quiet and attractive and makes for a nice visit even while not shooting and I always helped to keep it that way. Some 12 years later I approached a club official to inquire about becoming a member once again after several years of inactivity and I was much disappointed to find that now the club requires an application be submittted for reveiw, membership reviews are only conducted in January and those submitting applications are considered against how many current members remain, how many are not renewing and how many are applying… then you must attend a meeting and be “approved” by some committee, like meeting your prom date’s parents for the first time. Good grief, all that for a retired a correction officer to sight in a few firearms and punch holes in a target a handful of times a year. Wow! Great facility with indoor / outdoor ranges that support small arms, handguns and archery to large caliber rifles and shotguns. Plenty of scheduled events to participate in, (or at least in 1990 there was). One of the only grounds I know of to have clay throwers. All in all the club is a good value, but come on guys loosen up the noose on new memberships, it’s a gun club not an airport. 🙂

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