Indiana Gun Club

Skeet: yes | Trap: yes | 5 Stand: yes | Sporting: yes | FITASC: no | Other: no | Birds: no
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From I-69 East on 116th St. at Fishers, Exit to stop sign. Right to 113th st. Left 1 Mile to club. From Indianapolis: East on Pendleton Pike to McCordsville, Left at intersection, Right on 113th st. 1 Mile to club.

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Club Type: Public/Member
Contact: Phillip Baker
Location: 14926 E. 113th Street  Fortville, IN 46040
Phone: (317) 485-6540
Club Hours:
Wed. 10am - 9 pm Fri. 12pm - 6pm Sat. & Sun. 10am - 6pm


21 Reviews

  1. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: Once

    Shot sporting clays at this club earlier this year. I’d heard good things but the place seemed really run down. Rickety, wobbly stands hammered together out of old pallets. Literal piles of junk tucked away in odd corners. The last three stations you’re shooting under power lines so there’s little variety of target presentations.

    And it’s not cheap. $40 for a hundred target round, and they charge you extra for every target, including show pairs and broken/failed birds, so we actually ended up paying $42 each – I suppose we could have quibbled but it wasn’t worth arguing over two bucks.

    Positives – the pro shop is well stocked and they have an excellent selection of guns for sale. We didn’t shoot trap or skeet but the fields seemed reasonably well maintained and there were a lot of shooters out there.

    I would say if you’re a trap or skeet shooter and you find yourself in the area it’s probably worth checking out, but for sporting clays, Indiana has a lot better to offer.

  2. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    This is a top notch club! You won’t be disappointed.

  3. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: Once

    Went today to shoot trap for the first time ever with some more experienced friends. Great facility. You can drive right up to the shooting area (we didn’t) and just start as soon as you’re ready. Once you’re finished, you go to the shop and pay for your rounds. It’s the honor system but we had a few extra clays used by talking too loudly near the mics, so we paid for an extra one. Great experience and very friendly staff. Will go back a few times this week despite the cold weather!

  4. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: More than 10

    As a woman and novice to this type of shooting sport, I HIGHLY recommend the club and Bob Self. Bob makes sure that the gun fits the shooter and is excellent giving advice and encouragement.

    Ladies, don’t let this sport get away from you!! Give it a try!

  5. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: More than 10

    Very well run with a fully stocked pro shop. An extensive firearms inventory and rental guns.

  6. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: Once

    I recently did a corporate event at the IGC. Great way to get my message out and also be able to have a great time. I am looking at buying a new gun due to my experience and I will do my marketing events every 6 months their. Better than the basic golf outing. FYI- turns out it will cost 15 million to clean the site up from the lead from the old days, so it is here to stay. Put in a big flat screen and I could watch sports between shooting rounds.

  7. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 6-10 Visits

    Very friendly place. I like the people who run the place as well as those who go there to shoot. I will go there often.

  8. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: More than 10

    What an amazing facility – the grounds and the facility are very well maintained. The Owner, Phillip Baker knows his stuff when it comes to all kinds of guns. I always find what I’m looking for and the best part is that your welcome to take out used and consignment guns to try out before purchasing. Well worth the drive!

  9. Relationship to facility: Member
    Number of visits: More than 10

    This club and owner are the reasons I started back trying to break those clay birds again. I had shot back in the 1970’s and just re-started the sport. Phillip Baker is a class act who is a great ambassador of the sport. Prices and above all knowledge are great and important to the consumer. Very low key sales pitches where I felt that he was more interested in finding the ‘right fit’ which is not always the case. Wow how can you go from 20-24 hits to 5 per session…age I guess. I am looking forward to learning and becoming more proficient in the sport with the Phillip and the Clubs help!

  10. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: More than 10

    Best place to buy a gun, Nice place to shoot, I love the Indiana gun club and hope it will be with us for years to come. Owner is nice too.

  11. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    I am a newbie to shotguns and to trap. Like other reviewers, I did a lot of research on the internet and heard great things about Indiana Gun Club (IGC). I had joined our local trap and skeet club, Tri-Country CoonHunters in Batesville, IN and many of the guys also recommended IGC. Went up to look at and try some guns and ended up meeting Phil Baker the new owner (as of early 2009) and Bob Self, staff assistant and professional shooter for Browning. After trying several we found a model that fit me perfectly, as it turned out, it was a Browning Citori Trap gun. I had decided on a new gun vs taking a chance on trouble, so I priced it thru Phil and then ordered the gun. Great price and Bob was super helpful with the other items needed when starting. Began lessons with Bob when I picked up the gun and will continue with 4-5 more lessons just to start. Learned from golf that lessons are important when first starting an individual sport…as ammo is getting higher all the time I also don’t want to waste it on developing bad habits. By the way, ammo costs and clay fees are very reasonable at IGC…as was the new shotgun. They have several different makes and model rental guns to try as well as used ones for sale. See Phil before buying elsewhere, you won’t be sorry!
    I highly recommend the Indiana Gun Club and their staff. The other shooters I met there were all very nice and helpful, as are most Trap and Skeet guys and gals. It’s unfortunate for me that the IGC is so far for me or I’d be there three times a week! This place rates an A++++ !!

  12. Relationship to facility: Member
    Number of visits: More than 10

    Took up shoooting 2 years ago, bought my gun and took lesson here. Great people. Everyone I’ve shot with has been friendly and are willing to teach. I used to shoot sporting but have switched to the Skeet due to change in the configuration.

  13. Relationship to facility: Member
    Number of visits: More than 10

    Being an internet junkie, I did a lot of research when purchasing my first shotgun. After it was all said and done, the Indiana Gun Club had very competitive pricing, but it was the knowledge and helpfulness of the staff the made them rise to the top. When I made my purchase I also joined the club and have no regrets!

    If you are looking for a place where both the staff and clientèle are friendly and helpful, this is the place.

  14. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    Amazing service, selection, and shooting grounds.

    Philip opened no less than a dozen boxes of the same model in order for me to compare wood grains prior to my picking of the exact shotgun I was seeking. The transaction was smoothly completed in a couple of minutes in a friendly and efficient manner. The selection is rich, and the prices are competitive with common alternatives (stores, internet).

    I was then able to shoot the gun immediately in the company of a friend who had tons to choose from off the rack for a loaner.

    There is no wait for ammo, or grounds.
    You grab the box (honor system), walk out, choose from several trap or skeet fields, and enjoy yourself. Even when the place is busy, there is always an open field, or friendly people to shoot with.
    Some pull up their vehicle right up to the many skeet fields.

    There is also sporting clays which I had not shot before.
    Philip gladly accompanied us to those, described the bird patterns,
    briefed us on the machines, gave us a couple of pointers, and left
    us for a great day of shooting.

    Can’t say enough good things about this place.

  15. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: Once

    I visited the facility as a guest of Gregg AKA Skeets I was so impressed by the club I joined. Friendly people, good food nice
    club. They have a very large selection of guns to try or buy.

  16. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: More than 10

    I have been going to the site for the last 2-3 years. Everything said above concerning the shooting facilities is accurate. I primarily go to look at and buy firearms. These are the most honest, and friendly people I have ever dealt with in terms of firearms. I would highly recommend them to anyone. The owners are highly committed to the customer and will bend over backwards to please.

  17. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: Once

    With housing developments encroaching from all sides, this club may not last long; I expect the ground will simply become too valuable, and they’ll have to move out of town. Meanwhile, a year after my visit, I can still see a couple of the targets that gave my squad fits. Nice variety of targets and one whale of a gun shop. Get there while you can!

  18. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    Great trap facility and gun dealer. Will let you try guns and fit you to any gun you wish to buy while you wait. Friendly folks at a clean, well equipped facility.

  19. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    I recently found this place while shopping for a new skeet gun. WHile travelling on business I stopped in to see what they had. Make a long story short? I walked out with a brand new Beretta Teknys 12 ga. I got a heck of a deal. Steve, I believe he is the owner, was extremely patient with me considering I wasn’t even set on whether I was going to buy an o/u or auto! He then spent a bunch of time and energy on me explaining the maintenance of my new Teknys.

    After buying my gun (and shirt, and hat, and vest) I took a walk through the facility. Nice facility, extremely helpful and friendly employees, members, and even customers! I can’t tell you how many times I was invited to join groups to go shoot a round.

    I am in Indy weekly and will plan my next trip here on a Wednesday I think!

  20. Relationship to facility: Member
    Number of visits: More than 10

    Outstanding selection of guns that you can shoot before you buy. Great staff; always helpful and friendly. The members are extremely friendly. You can walk up as a single and always be welcomed to join a group on the range. Highly recommended.

  21. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    This is a great club. inexpensive to shoot trap and clays, they will let you shoot their guns if you’re looking to buy also. These guys are really laid back and helpful.

    The Trap and Skeet ranges are clean, well maintained, and the guys running it are fast in reloading the machines.

    The place also has an area where you can sight your shotgun in to see how the pattern is hitting.

    I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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