New Buffalo Rod & Gun Club

Skeet: no | Trap: yes | 5 Stand: yes | Sporting: no | FITASC: no | Other: yes | Birds: no
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Northeast side of New Buffalo on red Arrow HWY.To Krueger Road oselka construction will be on corner of Krueger Road.Turn right go about a 1/2 mile to club
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Club Type: Public/Member
Contact: Joe Dynewyski
Location: 10487 Kruger Road  New Buffalo, MI 49117
Phone: (269) 469-5990--(269)612/0983
Club Hours:
Members Dawn to Dusk
Non-members AND member Trap on Wed 7pm- 10PM& Sun 10am-12:30+ ON1/2/3/4/SUNDAYS


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  1. Relationship to facility: Member
    Number of visits: I work there

    Wednesday nite trap shoots are games and practice from 7pm to 10pm than on Sundays we shoot 50 bird programs starting at 12:30 pm trap opens on sunday at 11am,All shoots open to the public,Steel plate the second Sunday and IDPA shoots the 4th Saturday at 9am. August third Sunday and every sunday in september archery will have 3d in the woods natural shots with tree stands shots 28 targets,Starting at 9am mi time come by some Wednesday nite or sunday and check out the club bring your gun and try shooting on one of the best ranges in south west Michigan. Located about 3/4 mi off red arrow hwy on krueger road.

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    Wanting to start a spring team shoot on Wednesday nites,the more shooters involved the bigger the payout will be at the end of six week league. Payout will depend on how many team there are. Wednesday & Sundays are open to the public to shoot. Wednesday nite hours are 7pm to 10pm-Sunday hours are 11am-2:30 pm. 2&4 Sunday are a 50 bird program start at12:30pm starts at 12:30rd Sunday is a draw 50 bird protection cost is $20.00 plus 5 from the door shoot, starts at 12:30pm michigan time also. practice time before all shoots. come out and try it out, will be shooting on new pat traps after march8 have fun go shoot to relax enjoy a nite or day out.

  3. Relationship to facility: Member
    Number of visits: I work there

    Trap shoot dates 2&4 sundays 50 bird program.25 from 16 yd than 25from 16 yd score plus 1yd $16.00 entry fee, stars at 12:30pm mi time.On 3rd sunday 50 bird draw protection shoot, $16.00 entry fee per person,starts at 12:30 pm mi time. All sunday shoots practice trap open at 11:am. wedenday nite shoots start at 7pm practice starts 8pm start games 2 protections/3susys/5 from the door. cost 16:00 for all games. Practice cost $3.oo member $4,00 nonmembers per 25 rds.bSunday wobble trap practice shoots also, start 11am mi time.

  4. Relationship to facility: Member
    Number of visits: I work there

    Running deer shoots for <2010> are Oct24/oct31/nov7. Starting at 10am Michigan time. Chicken, bacon, ham, will be the prizes to shoot for this year. All meat will be pick up at barneys grocery store down in New Buffalo. If you have any questions please call me at{269-612-0983}Bob Krueger shoot director & president of the club. Hope to see every one there. Any legal deer gun or pistol is allowed to shoot.

  5. Relationship to facility: Member
    Number of visits: More than 10

    I love our little shooting club here in New Buffalo! It is close and convenient and is a very nice facility. It is also nice that you can come out and shoot at anytime you like and take your time shooting without having to hurry up and wait on Range Masters to say when you can shoot or have to stop. You can shoot at your own pace. You can practice different positions and maneuvers without interfering with anyone. And you often get to see deer, wild turkey, foxes, and coyotes at the edges of the property! The Annual Club Potluck and Shooting Competition is my favorite there! Everyone is extremely nice and knowledgeable and are willing to help you out if you are a novice.
    Definitely A Plus in my book! Come check the club out!

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    Trap shooting every Sunday morning at930am there is a program shoot of 50 birds Every 2nd & 4th Sunday at 1230 pm. Starting in April will be Steel plate shooting 2nd sunday. 3rd sunday will be outdoor archery practice course in the woods all natural hunting stots. 4th saturday will be IDPA Shooting course. Club meetings are the second tuesday of the month at 7PM at the club house. Also in april will start wedensday nite trap shooting at7PM. All other shoots will start at 9AM

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    NBR&G – Located near the 4 Winds Casino in New Buffalo Michigan.
    Currently over 60 acres with large access to the Galien river.
    Membership by sponsorship and safety requirements must be met. See a member at the club fo detailed information. Not expensive as this is a member owned and operated club. Handicapped membership friendly.
    Featuring a large wooded rolling terrain archery setup, a 50,100 and 200 yard rifle range outdoor. 50 yard(or less) pistol range outdoor. Two nice 5 station traps. Over 350 nice members.
    Many activities planned throughout the year. Most activity on the weekends plus Wednesday evening trap.
    We have many skilled members from novice to world record holders, each willing to give a helping hand to guide and assist fellow shooters.
    Come on down!

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