Old Hickory Gun Club

Skeet: yes | Trap: yes | 5 Stand: no | Sporting: no | FITASC: no | Other: no | Birds: no
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From US-64 & US-64 Bus Exit on US-64A (East) for 0.5 mi Turn RIGHT (South) onto SR-1275 [Dalewood Dr] and go to the end Turn LEFT (East) onto Local road You will see Old Hickory Gun Club

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Club Type: Member
Contact: Duty Desk
Location: 201 Dalewood Dr.  Rocky Mount, NC 27804
Phone: 252-977-3231
Website: http://www.oldhickorygunclub.com
Club Hours:
Wed, Fri,Sun Afternoons 1 to 5 pm. Sat. 9 AM - 5 PM


5 Reviews

  1. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    As a registered skeet shooter, and avid outdoorsman I was completely stoked to move to NC after relocating from my beloved (yet very cold) state of Maine in 2005. Having been previously a Virginia shooter, I quickly found out that in NC, you had better bring it. You will not find a more concentrated number of excellent shooters anywhere else on the East Coast as you will in North Eastern NC.

    Old Hickory Gun Club is THE finest skeet club in North Carolina. The staff is great, and always willing to accommodate. Tim Williams is one of the nicest guys to ever run a registered shoot. The targets are good, not too fast, not too slow, and there is a nice green background. The best part is THEY FEED YOU! As my good buddy Bruce says “let me put it to you like this, I don’t care how I shoot as long as I qualify for dinner”. The Pig Pickin Open is one of the best shoots of the year. Not much money or points, but the “piggy” as my daughter Briley calls it is to die for!

    Compared to Durham built on the side of a hill with not one level station to boot, Old Hickory trumps it any day. Compared to Bragg where you will NEVER get the same target twice (it is kind of like shooting wobble trap on a skeet field) and they will never shut down Trap during a registered shoot (because you know ATA shooters would never complain about skeet shooters during a registered trap meet). Yes at Bragg you can definitely count on big orange pie plates flying across your line of sight on Low 7 and High 8, coupled with the inability to predict where your next target might go, will ensure you shoot 3 to 4 birds below your average. Not the case at Old Hickory, they shut down everything but the registered birds. Great club!

  2. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: Once

    My daughter and family had just moved down to North Carolina. So the wife and I came down for a visit. I decided to check out the local gun clubs in the area. I found 2 pretty close by, so I decided to check out Old Hickory Gun Club, as they are open to member and public. I must say that my experience there was great! The people were very gracious and the facilities were top notch! I shot a couple of rounds of skeet, and the targets and background were very nice! I would recommend this club to anyone interested in the the shooting sports.
    I told the guys there that if the wife and I decide to move down this way, they will be seeing a lot more of me!!

  3. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    I would like to post an update to my prior review.

    The President of Old Hickory apologized and explained that as in any club, an error had been made. What my wife and I had experienced in April was not the way they operate. He extended an invitation for us to visit on our next trip.

    We did and are pleased to report that Old Hickory is exceedingly clean and modern with friendly people. We were impressed by the Trap Range and hope to shoot Skeet on a future visit. The attending staff was very helpful and showed a wonderful sense of humor.

    I would like to thank all the people who were attending the range on October 11 (08), you have a club to be very proud of.

  4. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: Once

    We have shot all over the east coast – where we have always been welcomed with opened arms. Today was a first. We went over to Old Hickory to shoot. Having lived in NC most of my life – and only several miles from this club – I did not anticipate what happened. The front desk told us we could not shoot unless we were members or sponsored by a member. Two members came in at that moment. They were asked to sponsor us. They said NO. One of them then had the audacity to tell us if we joined and paid $100 right then and there – we could shoot. They obviously have no interest in furthering the sport. Needless to say, we left. There was definitely no southern hospitality here. Don’t waste your gas or time!

  5. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: More than 10

    Old Hickory hosts some of the best skeet shoots in North Carolina. They always take good care of their guests.

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