Orvis Sandanona

Skeet: yes | Trap: no | 5 Stand: yes | Sporting: yes | FITASC: no | Other: yes | Birds: yes
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From NYC, Taconic North to Rt 44 East to Rt 44A 1.8 Miles on Left. Sign says Sandanona.

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Club Type: Public/Member
Contact: Club Manager
Location: Route 44A  Millbrook, NY 12545
Phone: 845-677-9701
Website: https://www.orvis.com/sandanona-shooting-grounds.html
Club Hours:
9:00 a.m. thru 5:00 p.m.


7 Reviews

  1. Relationship to facility: Member
    Number of visits: More than 10

    Say the name Sandanona and it says it all!
    Great place to shoot, great company to deal with and friendly clients
    If you go from out of town couple it with a stay at LaChambord in Hopewell Junction and it does not get better
    Can’t say enough great things about Sandanona

  2. Relationship to facility: Member
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    I am new to sporting clays and the shooting sports. I took my first lesson here on the advice of a colleague and have returned for other lessons and to shoot sporting and trap. They have a Wobble Trap station that is excellent for a novice or to warm up for the sporting clays course. The physical facilities are outstanding. Yes, the price is a bit steeper than some public courses, but the grounds are impeccable, there are no crowds and the rental guns are excellent.

    I’ve had two coaching sessions there and the staff are very good at gently correcting less desirable habits. Starting from zero skills, I’ve progressed a lot in a little more than a month. You will be assigned a trapper for any/all activities. The trappers are pretty good at giving tips if you want them. The sporting course has a wide variety of settings and presentations. You don’t need a cart to get around the course, but I’d recommend one if it’s hot out because there’s a fair amount of walking. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, as are the guests. Food available in a dining room. Pro shops with gunsmithing services.

    Some reviews on the web lament the price. The price is the price for the level of service and customer experience they provide. I make the 100 minute, one way drive there because I leave smiling each time!

  3. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: Once

    Fabulous experience. Beautiful facility, well run, instructor was excellent. High priced but probably worth it. A great day out for us

  4. Relationship to facility: Member
    Number of visits: More than 10

    Orvis Sandanona is second to none. The management and staff always go out of the way to make your visit a awesome day out. I shoot at other facilities over the years and by far, not one comes close to the beauty of the course and its skill level. A must visit for all shooters.

  5. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: Once

    This place is first class. What a way to spend a day. The grounds and he course are super. The people go out of their way to help the novice as well as the pro. The pro shop is second to none. Lunch on the premise, what a welcome addition to the day. I can’t wait to go back and do it again. I really had a great time.

  6. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: Once

    WOW! This is a spectacular place. If you have the opportunity to shoot here take it!!! The course is almost entirely in the woods with a very “real shoot” feel. And some angles that are entirely unique (“the ravine shot” for example. Birds are 30 feet below coming from beneath you and heading directly away…)
    This is a very challenging course with lots of hard shots. However don’t let that scare you the Trappers are second to none in knowledge both of their course and clay shooting in general. The information I picked up just from shooting a round here has improved my overall shooting markedly.
    However be prepared to spend a more for this experience since shooting at Orvis is not the same cost as shooting at your typical club.

  7. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    Orvis Sandanona is one of the premier Sporting Clays courses in the country. Their course is 16 stations and you pick and choose which stations you want to shoot. They will send you out with a trapper who is usually very experienced and can suggest which stations may be better suited for your skills. Typically the trappers have you shoot 5 pairs at each station and you go to 10 stations. Walking is relatively easy but carts may be rented. The cost is on the pricey side ($75 for 100 targets), but the variety of targets is vast. Don’t miss the station that I call “the gully” when you go. This station is a high tower overlooking a gully and the birds come screaming down the gully about 40 feet below you. This is the course where “The Vintage Cup” is held each year. Definitely call ahead for reservations. Expect to tip the trapper as they field clean your gun while you are checking out.

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