Polk Sporting Clays

Skeet: no | Trap: no | 5 Stand: no | Sporting: yes | FITASC: no | Other: no | Birds: no
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Club Type: Public
Contact: Club Manager
Location: 5000 Firetower Rd  Haines City, FL 33884
Phone: 1-863-956-6124
Website: http://www.polksportingclays.com
Club Hours:
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3 Reviews

  1. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 6-10 Visits

    In the middle of some Old Florida scrub land sits a beautifully laid out sporting clays course called; Polk Sporting Clays. Ken, David, and Doug have leased this land from the FFA Organization located on the shores of Lake Pierce and with careful grooming and six (6) eyes towards details have set up a course that will not only satisfy the novice shooter but will challenge all the skills of a pro shooter. Elevated shooting platforms are situated in the shade of scrub oaks overlooking beautiful woodland settings and ponds. Deer and Turkey roam freely about the property. A large pavilion sits next to the recently completed clubhouse completed with His and Hers restrooms. Customer Service is alive and well at this facility. The owners make safety their first concern for everyone and do their best to insure that everyone relaxes and enjoys their visit to the course. Did I mention that the clubhouse is Air Conditioned? I never looked at the thermostat but I can truthfully say that when you step inside out of the hot Florida weather – it’s COLD. Last but not least whenever tournaments are held and lunch is served they use the talents of Chef Robert from the FFA to cook up some scrumptious table fare way beyond the usual hot-dogs and hamburgers. Don’t let the fact that you don’t have a shotgun anymore keep you from enjoying all that Polk Sporting Clays has to offer – they rent shotguns, sell shot shells, ear plugs, cold drinks, candy, and so much more. You can pay with cash or a credit card.

  2. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: Once

    This is an old Club (Catfish Creek Sporting Clays), with a new Manager, Doug Cox, and a new name, Polk Sporting Clays. Doug has already improved the facility by adding additional traps to existing shooting stations and by upgrading the Electronic Controllers. The course has 14 raised shooting stands, with 4 traps on each of 8 of the stations, providing for some very interesting combinations. There are plans to add roofs to the shooting stands. The surrounding environment is somewhat varied with some forest, some marsh, and some Florida scrub land. The facility is a Florida FFA owned facility located on the shores of Lake Pierce. Doug leases the club from the FFA.
    While the existing Pro Shop is an old trailer, the construction of a new building is well underway and should be completed within a few months. Carts are available. Doug is a Master Class shooter, thus understands what makes challenging, yet fun targets. I had the pleasure of shooting the course with Doug while he validated the targets for a NSCA event to be held the following day. He was concerned with presenting targets that would be visible, would provide the challenge required for a NSCA event, and would be fun to shoot. I have shot about 25 different clubs this year, and I think these were overall some of the best and most fun targets that I have seen this entire year. Not only a good shooter, Doug is an accomplished Target Setter.
    I had more fun shooting this Club than any I have shot this past year. If you are travelling anywhere in the area, you should plan to shoot Polk Sporting Clays.

  3. Relationship to facility: Member
    Number of visits: More than 10

    I shoot regularly at Polk Sporting Clays. The staff is friendly and helpful, the target presentations are changed on a regular basis, and I like that the course is wooded.

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