Sunnydell Shooting Grounds

Skeet: yes | Trap: yes | 5 Stand: no | Sporting: yes | FITASC: no | Other: no | Birds: no
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5 Miles West of Swquim, WA on HWY 101. Go Right on Dryke Rd for 1/4 Mile. Sunnydell on the Right.

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Club Type: Public
Location: 292 Dryke Road  Sequim, WA 98382
Phone: (360) 683-5631
Club Hours:
10-dark (daily)


11 Reviews

  1. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: More than 10

    I met Chuck in the early 70’s when he attended a Pacific Indian shoot that I was then a guest with my grandfather. Chuck was a great guy and an outstanding shooter.
    Shortly after that Pacific Trap Shoot, we drove up to Sunnydell for a day of shooting…I believe it was a 200 round day. Chuck gave me some great shooting tips and between he and my grandfather, I was certainly coached well.
    Fast forward several years, I have brought my kids and wife here, Matt and his wife were running the place, and the fun continued. Now our kids are grown but we still enjoy shooting at Sunnydell together.
    Most recently Matt’s wife, Yvonne, she was wonderful and spent a bit of time with my daughters on their technique. By the second round their hits had dramatically improved. Great place, Great Owners, always a fun time and so many great memories of shooting with folks who have passed on. Thank you Dryke’s and crew.

  2. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    I gotta say,…absolutely LOVE Sunnydell!!!! Good memories with my dad, who called it Drykes, going on a father son logging adventure of sorts on multiple occasions, and stopping to shoot at the best skeet shooting place I’ve witnessed. As a child of course, Clay targets were coming from everywhere. Of course they were more planned than that but fun at every turn! Rest in piece Chuck. And thank you to Matt for showing off his skills a time or two on our visits! I will forever hold those times close!

  3. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: More than 10

    Sad to report that Chuck passed away Feburary 9, 2012. He was 88 years old. We all suspect that he is up in the heavens still teaching clay target shooting as only Chuck can teach. Matt the Olympic champion, and his lovely wife have taken over the reins of Sunnydell and we’re all still having a blast. Come and join us . Open every day from 9:00 until sunset.

  4. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: More than 10

    My Wife ( Gail) and I have been shooting at Sunnydell for many years, living on Vancouver Island we cross via. the M.V. Coho from Victoria to Port Angeles and then driving to the greatest shotgun shooting grounds ever established ( Sunnydell ).

    We usually spend at least 3 days shooting and enjoying the fabulous hosts ( Chuck, Matt & Rosemary ) We have even gone down on our own boat, moored at the John Wayne Marina and after making a phone call were picked up by Chuck & Rosemary and off shooting we go !!!

    Gail & I have spent the last 20 years “Snowbirding” in Arizona, and while here we shoot regularly at the Ben Avery Range, a very nice upscale layout , but nothing compares with the variety of birds thrown and the down home hospitality of the Drykes, if you enjoy shotgun shooting, Sunnydell is a MUST !!!!

    Our very best wishes to Chuck, Rosemary & Matt for their continued success at Sunnydell.

  5. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: Once

    I came to visit a member of the shootingrange 18 month ago. in february…thought, it will not be run over by tourists.. 🙂

    I’ve had a clay skeet day with Chuck – Unforgettable!! his assessment of the shooter, experience with both and knowledge of weapons is awesome!

    The hospitality, kindness of the people are still remembered today and I would recommend that beautiful, laid back place to ANYBODY that wants to learn, improve or talk about shooting….anything…

    A special greeting to Jane – how are the dogs?? as i say – the place – unforgotten…fond greetings – to ALL, Chuck, Rosemary, Matt & Ivonne, Jane…still on my mind…you ALL…yes, John too 😉

    warmest regards from Hamburg, Germany

  6. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    We had our chocolate lab trained here. The best training and facility around, expensive, but well worth it. She came back a different dog after 6 weeks.

  7. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    I went out to Sunnydell to watch the progress on my dad’s birddog training with Jane and Chuck. After a long wait one day Chuck offered to teach me to shoot with a .410. He has an amazing training system. I hit my marks as soon as I was given the gun and the real moving target. I’m ready to move to a 20g and I look forward to lesson 2. I’m hooked on this sport and their dog training ability. Chuck is a great teacher. The facility is excellent. Everyone there is like family. Anyone interested in the sport should check this place out.

  8. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: I work there

    My 12 year old daughter asked if I would take her to the gun club and show her how to shoot clays. I signed her up with Chuck Dryke for two lessons per week starting with a 410. She is now 14 years old and has shot a 50 straight in trap, a 49/50 in American skeet with a 12g and is now gearing up for international skeet with Matt Dryke. Matt has decades of world class shotgunning experience and olympic gold to top it off. The Dryke’s have all kinds of different angles and looks to hone your skills. We have gotten to shoot with Olympian shotgunners from Trinidad and Canada while they are getting direction from Chuck and Matt. People from all over come to Sunnydell to shoot and train. And, we always get a hug from Rosemary that makes us feel like family!

  9. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: More than 10

    As a shooting facility Sunnydell Shooting Grounds is second to none. If your goal is to get a jump start on the hunting season, Sunnydell has duplicated almost every conceivable shooting situation. If you would like to spend a day shooting a wide variety of fun and challenging clay targets, Sunnydell is a must. Shooting from better than twenty different stations, and multiple targets each you’ll quickly find a favorite.

    As for the staff, you’ll not find a nicer group of folks. From the minute you walk in the club house you’ll be treated like they have known you forever.

    As a training facility, you cannot argue with the success of Chuck Dryke. Matt, Chuck’s son, brought home the 1984 Olympic Gold Metal in International Skeet and I believe Matt currently holds four world records as well.

    Sunnydell Shooting Grounds is best enjoyed with friends. So, grab a couple of your hunting buddies, a small box car full of shells, and have a great day shooting clays. Needless to say, I am a true fan of Sunnydell Shooting Grounds and I highly recommend this facility to any one interested in shotgunning.

  10. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: Once

    My 12-year old son and I visited Chuck and Matt today and the only way I can explain it is AWESOME……My intention was to get my son professional instruction to enhance his clay game skills and my expectations were far exceeded. I cannot overstate the quality of instruction nor the hospitality of Chuck and Matt. I strongly encourage anyone who is looking to improve their clay game ability to take advantage of a fantastic facility and two World-class instructors. The tools and training aids that Chuck and Matt use are unique, effective and I don’t think available anywhere else. Chuck has an unbelievable ability to teach the vision and “seeing the bird” aspects of the game and….oh well, just let me say AWESOME again.

  11. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    What a jewel here in the northwest. Excellent targets and shooting instruction available from a former gold medal winner Matt Dryke. This facility is set in beautiful wooded areas with excellent target presentations with very helpful advice from the staff.

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