Z Bar Z Sporting Clays

Skeet: no | Trap: no | 5 Stand: no | Sporting: yes | FITASC: no | Other: no | Birds: no
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Club Type: Public/Member
Contact: Zane (406) 289-0514
Location: 7062 Birdseye Rd.  Helena, MT 59601
Phone: (406) 289-0514
Club Hours:


12 Reviews

  1. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    I usually shoot at the Z Bar Z once a year when I am in the Helena area on business. Sid, who manages and sets the course, is a great host. I just shot the course today and the presentations were great. The course is in some old mine tailings that have grown up in Fir trees and it makes you feel like you are up in the mountains shooting. The course was set for all true doubles, although there were a couple you could shoot as report pairs. It was very challenging with some very interesting target presentations. I always enjoy shooting there and hope to get back to shoot there one more time before they close for the fall.

  2. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: More than 10

    We drive up from great falls every chance we get the course is clean easy to walk and ALOT of fun syd is a great guy and keeps it all going smooth .. highly recommended for a great afternoon of shooting and visiting

  3. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: More than 10

    Me and my son have shoot here many time. A very enjoyable father and son activity. Sid has always been there to help us with any questions or problems. well worth the drive.

  4. Relationship to facility: Member
    Number of visits: More than 10

    Today, my husband and I shot Sporting Clays at Z Bar Z. We had a great experience. Last spring/summer we shot elsewhere and were pleased to return to find new benches and gun holders and a challenging, well-maintained and fun course. Syd’s warm welcome and accommodating nature were ‘icing on the cake’. We would recommend Z Bar Z to anyone looking for a challenging course at a reasonable price.

  5. Relationship to facility: Member
    Number of visits: More than 10

    My husband and I shoot sporting clays at Z Bar Z on a regular basis and we have loads of fun. The course has a variety of interesting targets and terrain, and Sid, the manager, makes frequent changes to some of the stations to keep things interesting. The club has a friendly atmosphere and is welcoming to new shooters and to ladies and youth, making it an excellent recreational activity for families and other groups. We feel fortunate to have a course in the Helena area, and we appreciate all the work Sid does to keep it running smoothly.

  6. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: Once

    This summer a group of from 4 to 8 of us shot sporting clays at the Z Bar Z almost every Thursday evening. The facilities are great and the on-site management does a super job of facilitating our shooting. We’ll be back next year!

  7. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: Once

    This is a nice place to shoot. The course is fun and challenging but yet not so difficult that you feel like you don’t have a chance. The target presentation are some classical sporting clay ones and make good use of the terrain. The course is located in a forested part of old land fill tailing but the landscape is mature. There were mature tree on the course which just increases the joy of walking around the course and do well to hide the traps. My only complaint is that there might be some signage out to help the first time shooter know the right way to go for the course. There are some potential forks that can be confusing to the first time shooter. I cant wait to go back!

  8. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: Once

    Wow, what a fun place to shoot. I was really surprised at the terrain the club offers. I had heard the club was laid out in some old mine tailings and from the road figured I would be shooting in what amounts to a gravel pit. The course is loaded with good size trees and made you feel like you are shooting up in the mountains. Sid Price the manager is great and makes you feel right at home. Sid had a lot of interesting presentations and I had a great time. We also shot a round of skeet after we finished with our sporting clays. Hopefully I will get to shoot this course a couple more times this summer.

  9. Relationship to facility: Member
    Number of visits: More than 10

    Z-Z is a nice Sporting Clay course, terrain varies with a mixture of trees, small hills, and gullies. Targets can be challenging, fun and exciting.

  10. Relationship to facility: Member
    Number of visits: More than 10

    The skeet and trail is great and Buzz Mueler is a fun loving and exciting friend. One of the best clay shoots around. The shoots are exceptional the door prices great.

  11. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    I really enjoy shooting at the Z Bar Z. The course is set on an old mining site which makes the tree-laden terrain interesting and very enjoyable. The targets and people are great!

  12. Relationship to facility: Visitor
    Number of visits: 2-5 Visits

    Great gun club. I have attended about 3 shoots at this range and have had a great amount of fun every time. The course has been very challenging at times but also seems to be very reasonable as well. Every shoot has given great door prizes and I have personally never left empty handed although I have never placed in a division there. Most importantly, the staff there is very personable and friendly leading to a great atmosphere every time….two thumbs up for z-z!!!

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